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Jonas Maier

I love eating

My first meal was milk. A little later vegetables, then meat, fish and desserts. At the age of 12 I baked my first lasagna. I was born 1985 in Aalen / Württ. and moved soon to Freiburg / Breisgau . In 1997 I moved to Bavaria, near Munich . My parents travelled a lot with me and so I was able to taste a variety of different ways of cooking.

When travelling, I do not memorize sights but the meals, the odours and aromas and the moods of the places I visit: Italy smells of basil, Spain has the scent of octopus, Costa Rica smells of pineapple and all of them smell of seafood.

In 2003 I started my cook training at the hotel Maritim in Munich . more ...

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